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Lite Pad - SPMU Machine
Lite Pad - SPMU Machine
Lite Pad - SPMU Machine

Lite Pad - SPMU Machine

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The Lite Pad is small but mighty. Its powerful Swiss engine allows the machine to perform for hours on end with a high level of energy. The Lite Pad’s capabilities are diverse; with this machine, technicians can perform a variety of treatments including PMU brows, lip blush and eyeliner.

The Lite Pad is also ideal for technicians offering advanced skin and body treatments such as scalp micropigmentation and areola repigmentation.

Key features:

  • The Lite Pad works at a low vibration level, allowing for a smooth and relaxed procedure.

  • Features a lightweight handpiece with dial assist to control needle depth. This allows technicians to find a safe depth to work at and avoid any post-procedure trauma.

  • Ideal for most PMU procedures including scalp micropigmentation and areola repigmentation.

Lite Pad Features

Dial Assist Handpiece.

The Lite Pad is connected to one handpiece that is extremely lightweight and comfortable to work with. The Lite Pad’s handpiece works at a low vibration level to ensure every practitioner feels totally in control during a PMU procedure.

Needle Compatibility.

We offer many different needle variations compatible with the Lite Pad. This means that the machine can work to suit every practitioner’s individual needs. To shop our range of needles, please click here.

Machine Specifications


Pen Speed: Max 10000 RMP, Pen Input: Max.12v, Pen Motor: Coreless motor, Pen body: Aluminium

Power Supply Specifications

Output: Max.12V, 200 NPS, Input: 90-240V, Power Supply Body: Plastic, Power Supply Size: 16.8x9.8x5cm.

Included in the Lite Pad Box:

1x Handpeice

1 x Power Supply and Power Cord

1 x Connect Cord

10 x Free 1r0.4 needles.


The Lite Pad comes with a 12-month warranty. If you encounter any issues with your machine, please notify us immediately at